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Investigative Services

The vast majority of our clients are investors and attorneys, however we do provide assistance everyday to people in need of information. We have a strong relationship with a local attorney who can also help with any of your legal needs. Listed below are our most popular services, however if you are in need of something that is not listed please let us know. Chances are we can provide it. Keep in mind we are in the investigative business, which translates into providing information. Information is what we do.

Risk Management (Investors)

Do you want to know who you're really investing with before you sign a check? Do you want to assure investors that your company is a solid investment?

Asset Search (Personal / Corporate)

Is someone hiding money or property from you? Let us help you find it.

Background Checks

Do you want to know who you are really hiring? Do you need peace of mind about an individual? Let us know how we can help.

Post Judgment Collections

Is there money owed to you from a judgment you have been awarded? Our experts can help you recover money or assets owed to you.

Dispensary Security

Are you planning to grow or offer legal medical marijuana? Our on-site security plan will ensure your valued cash crop doesn't fall under siege. This serious business needs serious security.


Do you have a cheating spouse? Would you like to combine surveillance with our background check as a third tier? Do you want to know someone or their activities? This is an invaluable tool.

Criminal and Civil Investigations

Do you have a criminal or civil case that no one will help you with? Have you been told you need more information to proceed? We can help.

Fraud and Scams

Has someone taken something from you under false pretense? Call us and tell us how!

Featured Investigators

John Hopper

John Hopper is a US Army Military Police Veteran as well as a former MCSO employee. John has over 15 years of investigative and law enforcement experience. John's areas of expertise are fraud, personal injury, intelligence/counter intelligence, identity theft, surveillance and criminal enterprise(s). John is an Associate Private Investigator License holder of JB National Investigations, LLC.

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