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Risk Management

Protect Your Investment Deals!

Category: Risk Management / Investigation Services

Prior to committing to any type of investment it is essential to ensure that the individual(s) or business that is seeking financial support is a suitable beneficiary. Persons and businesses seeking investors should also want to assure investors that they are transparent, reliable, open and worth investing in.

JB National can assist both parties prior to any investment by completing a rigorous personal, corporate and financial investigation for either party. * Investors will have assurance that the potential for fraud and misrepresentation is avoided or substantially reduced. * Potential Beneficiaries who have taken the initiative to provide this level of vetting to an investor increase their chances of obtaining funding.

*While this level of vetting assures potential investors that the potential for fraud and misrepresentation are avoided or substantially reduced, JB National is in no way guaranteeing a return on the investment.

Type: Risk Management

Do you want to know who you're really investing with before you sign a check? Do you want to assure investors that your company is a solid investment?

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John Hopper

John Hopper is a US Army Military Police Veteran as well as a former MCSO employee. John has over 15 years of investigative and law enforcement experience. John's areas of expertise are fraud, personal injury, intelligence/counter intelligence, identity theft, surveillance and criminal enterprise(s). John is an Associate Private Investigator License holder of JB National Investigations, LLC.

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