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Asset Location and Recovery


Category: Asset Recovery / Investigation Services

The JB National team of computer forensic experts and investigators provides our clients with results that no other firm can match. We use a cutting edge combination of database probes and seasoned investigators in the field to provide our clients with the most comprehensive information available, identifying where money and property are located. A few examples of the types of assets that we can help you locate are:

  • LLC and Companies used to hide assets
  • Vehicles/Boats/Aircraft
  • Rental properties
  • Fraudulent transfer of assets to third parties

Our investigators are also experts in locating current employers for wage garnishment, judgment recovery, and child support enforcement. JB National has the ability to identify banking, brokerage, business, personal and other financial institution information that may help you recover your money.

Type: Asset Recovery

Is someone hiding money or property from you? Do you need a professional to assist you with judgment recovery?

Featured Investigators

John Hopper

John Hopper is a US Army Military Police Veteran as well as a former MCSO employee. John has over 15 years of investigative and law enforcement experience. John's areas of expertise are fraud, personal injury, intelligence/counter intelligence, identity theft, surveillance and criminal enterprise(s). John is an Associate Private Investigator License holder of JB National Investigations, LLC.

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